All Her Secrets

Chapter 765

Chapter 765 Back to Loxton

Catherine was standing behind him. And she must have heard what he said about her and Branden. Paxton wanted to cry when he made eye contact with Catherine. His heart pounded fast. ” Miss Swann.”

Catherine looked at him with a fake smile, her sharp eyes piercing Paxton’s heart like two sharp blades. What she said next was even more frightening to Paxton. “I heard you’ve been talking about me lately, Paxton.”

Paxton smiled at Catherine bitterly and said, “Miss Swann, please don’t get me wrong. I only think you and Mr. Duncan have a good relationship.”

Everyone couldn’t help but want to laugh when they saw Paxton’s embarrassed face. Ronin also took the opportunity to reveal what Paxton had previously said about Catherine being pushed down.

Paxton’s face turned deathly gray in an instant, and he almost begged for merciful death at that moment. He gave up hopelessly, lowered his head, and begged with frustration. “Miss Swann, It’s all my fault.”

Catherine gave him a cold gaze and pointed at the rough sea. “Either you jump yourself, or I’ll kick you.” Nôvel/Dr(a)ma.Org - Content owner.

Paxton peeked at the deep, dark sea by his side and swallowed nervously. He would be dead and gone if he fell into the sea. Survival was not an option.

He looked at Branden pleadingly, hoping Branden would help him out. But Branden flinched. He shrugged at Paxton, meaning there was nothing he could do. Damian and Kurt also looked away,

refusing his request. As was widely known, pissing off Branden was near death, but pissing off Catherine was death by a thousand cuts.

Catherine dropped a hint at Ronin, who was excited. “Trust me, Catherine. I’ll make him suffer.” Ronin gestured and joined forces with Withal and others, approaching Paxton.

Paxton stepped backward in fright. ” What are you going to do?” The others rushed forward and pinned him down.

Seeing them messing around, Branden wrapped his arm around Catherine’s shoulders and pulled her closer. “After you are done with Paxton, do you have the time to talk about us?”

Catherine felt a chill in her neck and panicked. “Was he going to settle accounts with me?” thought Catherine.

When Branden was not paying attention, she ran away quickly. Before she ran, she said, “I have something else to do. See you later!”

Branden was not anxious. He stood there and looked at her run away from behind. This ship was small. And outside the ship lay the rough sea. Where could she go? Was she too panicked to think straight? That was cute of her.

Half an hour later, Branden found Catherine, who was already sleeping in bed, in the deepest room of the cabin. Perhaps due to being too tired during this period, Catherine slept soundly and didn’t even notice him opening the door. Looking at her sleeping face, Branden’s original anger dissipated.

When he learned that she had deceived him and came alone without telling him, he was furious. After his arrival at Florona, his anger had long dissipated, leaving only constant prayers for her safety. He, who had never believed in God, silently prayed in his heart, hoping that she could return safely.

Branden wanted to reach out and touch her soft cheeks but was worried about waking her up from her slumber, so he could only let go. He gently lifted the corner of the blanket and crawled into the warm bed, lying beside her, accompanying her to sleep.

Over the past few days, Branden had hardly closed his eyes. All he could think about was Catherine. Unaware of her situation on Florona Island, he worried about her safety. While actively preparing everything, he did not have proper sleep for days.

Now, he finally felt at ease. Lying next to Catherine made him even more comfortable. He fell into deep sleep before long. Branden breathed evenly in his tight sleep. Little did he notice how sweet Catherine’s smile was.

After half a day on the sea, everyone returned to Snake Island and left in a helicopter arranged by Branden, heading to Loxton. Halfway through,

Branden received a message from Loxton. Several subsidiaries of the Duncan Corporation, located far away in Casier, had been jointly besieged by foreign companies and were now facing bankruptcy. Although the Duncan Corporation had relocated its headquarters to Loxton, it had also developed in Casier for so long. Those subsidiaries held a significant position in the Duncan Corporation. If they faced bankruptcy, the Duncan Corporation would also be affected significantly.

Branden’s brows furrowed slightly, his expression eerie and incomprehensible. Before he left, he made a lot of arrangements. He knew that once he left Loxton, the people who had been tightly suppressed by him would launch a crazy counterattack. But he did not expect they were not targeting the headquarters in Loxton but rather subsidiaries located far away in Casier.

It seemed that the interior of the Duncans was not peaceful. Shane Breen tried to seize his lifeline from the rear and erode his headquarters strength in Loxton.

“Mr. Duncan, do we need to change the route now?” asked Paxton. He felt that after such an incident in Casier, Branden must personally take charge. The helicopter had not yet arrived in Loxton, so it was better to take advantage of this time to turn around and go directly to Casier. The faster they were, the earlier they could take things under control.

Paxton was planning for the best. But Branden did not think so. “Keep going!”

He instructed the helicopter to continue its original flight, first to Loxton, and after safely transporting Catherine and the others back, he rushed to Casier.

Catherine, resting on the side, suddenly opened her eyes. She did not ask too much and spoke lightly. “Head to Casier.”

Branden looked down at her with a hint of disagreement. “I’ll send you back to Loxton first. Then, I’ll rush to Casier in time. It won’t delay my work.”

Catherine, however, did not accept his suggestion and said to herself, “I haven’t returned to Casier for a while. Let’s take a look, by the way. Change the route.”

After listening to Catherine’s proposal, everybody agreed. Zobber excitedly said, “Casier is a great place. I also want to go to Casier and have a good time.”

Withal casually waved his hand and said, “I’m free anyway. Anywhere suits me. It’s up to you.”

As everyone suggested changing the route, Branden glanced at Paxton and gestured for him to follow everyone’s advice.

“I’m on it, Mr. Duncan.” Paxton stood up excitedly, limping and running towards the cockpit.

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