All Her Secrets

Chapter 766

Chapter 766 Misunderstanding

When Branden’s private plane landed at Casier, Shane received the news. The assistant knocked on the door of Shane’s office with the latest intelligence and said, “Mr. Breen, five minutes ago, Branden’s private plane landed at the Duncan airport in Casier, accompanied by Miss Swann and her crew.”

Shane was not surprised by this result. He admitted that Branden was an intelligent businessman with impressive business acumen and a mind for handling affairs.

Now, he could see Casier’s criticality, and it was reasonable for him to rush to Casier to handle the business as soon as possible.

“Did you find out what they were doing when they left Loxton this time?”

Shane was more concerned about this. The news he received earlier was that Catherine had disappeared from London and did not attend academic seminars. After learning about it, Branden immediately flew to London to investigate the situation. Then he disappeared in London, too, along with Ronin and the others. Shane knew something must have happened. Otherwise, they would not have disappeared together.

He arranged for a lot of people to investigate as soon as possible. But he did not find the whereabouts of Branden and others. It was as if they disappeared on Earth, leaving no trace.

However, not long ago, intelligence agents in Casier received news that Branden and his team would land in Casier.

“Mr. Breen, we have found out Miss Swann did not attend the academic seminar but secretly went to Florona alone. Later, Branden and his team rushed to Florona to rescue her,” said the assistant.

“Leaving safely?” Shane frowned and looked at her assistant.

Seeing that his face darkened, the assistant nodded with a pale expression of fear. “Yes, there has been no news of casualties.”

No wonder they could not track them down. They went to Florona. Shane knew a lot about Florona.

What surprised him even more was that these people were able to break the century-old rules of Florona, leaving without any casualties, which showed how powerful they were.

They refused to work for him, so they must be eliminated. Otherwise, they would only become a stumbling block to the development of the Breens.

“Mr. Breen, will our plan proceed?” asked the assistant.

The original order given to them by Shane was to severely damage several subsidiaries of the Duncan Corporation located in Casier. After Branden returned to Casier, they would turn their guns towards the headquarters of the Duncan Corporation in Loxton, leaving no opportunity for Branden to resist.

The assistant had been with Shane for many years. And he was well aware of Shane’s habits. From his expression, he knew that Shane had changed his mind.

The next second, Shane answered, “No need. Perhaps switching the battlefield to Casier would be good. It would be even more enjoyable to capture these people in the shortest possible time, leaving them completely unable to resist. Tell them to accelerate the progress of the plan.”

The assistant originally intended to persuade Shane to play safe. But Shane had never listened to anyone’s advice in all these years, and his decisions had never proved wrong. This time, he also chose to believe Shane. “I’ll arrange it now, Mr. Breen.”

A few people got off the plane, and the cold wind instantly attacked everyone. Florona was located near the equator, and the island was hot year-round. People wore short sleeves in Florona this season.

But in Casier, it was late autumn.

The whipping cold wind instantly swept away their tiredness. Branden checked the weather in Casier before landing and had already prepared a coat for Catherine. After helping her fasten the buttons, Branden finally dropped his hands with satisfaction.

Zobber, who stood by and saw this scene, silently shed tears of a single girl. She was not only wearing short sleeves but also a short skirt. Now, when the wind blew, she trembled with coldness.

Seeing everyone still dawdling, she was about to go berserk. Unexpectedly, a warm feeling came from behind. Her arms, which were already numb with cold, were instantly wrapped by the warmth, and she could not help but instinctively move back.

Looking back, it turned out that Paxton was standing behind her. Paxton put on a black coat on her.

Zobber chuckled lightly and joked, ” Dude, I didn’t expect you to be quite a gentleman!”

Paxton rolled his eyes at Zobber after she teased him for his kindness. “Don’t thank me. Mr. Duncan prepared it. Everyone has one. Only you were too dumb to take it on the helicopter.” This belongs to NôvelDrama.Org - ©.

Zobber looked around and found everyone was wearing a coat except for her, who stood trembling in the cold wind like a fool. They all came with Branden, and they were all friends of Catherine. Branden naturally would treat them well, as he had had the ground temperature broadcasted before the helicopter was about to land. However, at that time, Zobber was sleeping soundly. Naturally, she did not hear this broadcast and missed the time to pick up her coat.

Upon hearing what Paxton said, Zobber looked at him with disdain. “I knew it! You couldn’t be so thoughtful. I withdraw my thanks to you. Thank Mr. Duncan for me for his thoughtfulness, will you?” With that, Zobber left.

Watching her bouncy figure from behind and thinking about the words she had just said, Paxton became angry. His kindness was not well- repaid. It was true Mr. Duncan ordered him to prepare coats. But he went to pick up the coat and brought it to Zobber. She even withdrew her thanks. What an unreasonable woman!

Branden and Catherine sat in the first car. When Zobber saw they had already got in the car, she randomly opened a car door and crawled in. Unexpectedly, someone was already inside the vehicle, with Ronin in the passenger seat and Withal in the back seat.

Zobber did not hesitate and pushed Withal aside. “Move aside and make room for me.”

The flight was too tiring all the way. After Zobber got in the car, she leaned against Withal. Ronin, sitting in the passenger seat, could not help but shake his head when he saw this scene. “For those who don’t know, they would think you two were an old married couple.”

Upon hearing this, Zobber kicked the back of the passenger seat. “What are you talking about? Withal and I are the best partners.” To Zobber, Withal was like a big brother. They had been through life and death for many years.

Ronin sneered disdainfully, and through the rearview mirror, he saw Withal, who had always been Introverted, with a helpless smile. Ronin silently lowered his head, not intending to get involved in their private matters.

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