Cultivation Online

Chapter 1486 Yan Xiaoxiao's Interview(2)

Chapter 1486 Yan Xiaoxiao's Interview(2)

1486 Yan Xiaoxiao's Interview(2)

"Miss Meifeng, what do you typically do on a daily basis?" Yan Xiaoxiao asked as Meifeng cleaned the dishes.

"I have two primary roles in the Demon Sealing Faction. First and foremost, I am a maid, so I deal with all the chores first. My second role is being the manager of the faction, so I am responsible for any requests or inquiries sent to the faction."

"My chores usually consist of preparing food, cleaning the hallways and rooms, and washing their clothes. It's really simple and barely requires any effort. For my duties as the manager of the faction, I check all of the emails and keep myself updated on all faction-related trends. With the rest of my spare time, I simply cultivate and train my techniques."

"What kind of weapon do you specialize in?" Yan Xiaoxiao then asked.

"I am currently training with the spear mainly, but I am also trying out other weapons."

"What is your cultivation at right now?"

"I have the lowest cultivation in our faction, being only at the 7th level of Spirit Master."

"In a few words, can you give me a description of your feelings for the Demon Sealing Faction?"

Meifeng showed a slight smile before responding, "It's a small and peaceful place—one that I can truly call home."

"Thank you!"

Yan Xiaoxiao continued to follow Meifeng for another hour before moving to the next member.

"Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself? What kind of weapon do you use?"

"I'm Shi Lang, and I came from the Jaded Garden. My primary weapon is the spear."

"Jaded Garden? I have never heard of this place before."

"Well, it's a very seclusive place."

"Why did you join the Demon Sealing Faction?"

"When Yuan needed ten people to create his faction, we decided to help him."


"Yes. Seven of us came from the same place."

"What is your relationship with Yuan?"

"We're good friends and rivals at the same time. Of course, none of us actually think we will ever catch up to him, but nonetheless, it still motivates us to train harder."

"What do you typically do besides training?"

"Nothing, really. If we're not training here, we're training in Cultivation Online. Of course, there are special occasions like the recent Faction War."

"Speaking of the Faction War, you've done a great job defeating so many players by yourself. I could tell that you were holding back, but exactly how much were you holding back?"

"This might sound like nonsense, but I was only using about 30 percent of my full strength."

"Only thirty percent?!"

"Yes, it would be bad if I accidentally hurt, or worse, killed one of them by accident. I may sound arrogant for saying this, but only very few people in this world can handle me at my full strength, and most of them live on this mountain."

Yan Xiaoxiao continued to ask several more questions, such as his hobbies and favorite food.

Since the training ground had been fixed, Shi Lang proceeded to show off some of his skills for the interview. He used this opportunity to back up his previous claim that he only used 30 percent of his strength during the Faction War.

"Heavens… how did they repair this place so quickly?" Yan Xiaoxiao muttered in a dazed voice when she saw the scene.

There were already people sparring on the training ground, and they were all using most of their strength.

"Are you guys trying to destroy this place again so soon?!" Shi Lang called out to them.

"What, you haven't been notified? We won't disturb the neighbors or destroy this place even if we use all of our strength after Yuan created a formation around our place." Wang Ming said.

To demonstrate, he swung his sword at the ground, creating a large slit in the ground. However, as though time was being reversed, the slit in the ground quickly returned to its original state, as if it was never damaged.

"That guy is really capable of everything, huh…" Shi Lang chuckled.

"Hey, Shi Lang, let's spar!" Wu Zao suddenly approached him.

"Sure." Shi Lang didn't think much of it and agreed.

"I will go all out from the beginning. Don't say I didn't warn you." Wu Zao said.

Yan Xiaoxiao backed away and stood in a safe distance as she filmed their sparring session.

"Wow… he wasn't joking when he said that he was only using 30 percent of his strength during the Faction War. If he'd fought like this back then, he would've easily defeated 5,000—Text property © Nôvel(D)ra/ma.Org.

even half of the players from the Fiery Locust Swarm by himself…"

"The same goes for the fan-wielding Wu Zao. He was clearly holding back the majority of his strength during the Faction War. Are the rest of the members like this, too? If that's the case, the Demon Sealing Faction is much stronger than anyone could've anticipated…"

Sometime later, after their spar ended with Wu Zao being victorious, Yan Xiaoxiao began her interview with Wu Zao.

"It's always been my dream to meet you, Fairy Yan." Wu Zao greeted her with a handsome smile.

"Hello. You are Wu Zao, correct?"

"Indeed, and I cannot be any happier knowing that Fairy Yan is aware of my insignificant existence—"

"Stop being creepy, Wu Zao. You're ruining the atmosphere." Someone from the training ground suddenly shouted.

"Which bastard just said that?! I dare you to say that to my face!" Wu Zao snapped his head in the direction of the voice.

"I said that." A beautiful figure approached him.

"Ugh…" Wu Zao made a weird expression when he identified the person approaching him as Li Jinxi.

"If you have a problem with that, how about a spar with me?"

"N-no problem. I have no problem at all."

Wu Zao cleared his throat and looked at Yan Xiaoxiao, feeling incredibly awkward.

"Sorry, you had to witness that."

Yan Xiaoxiao nodded and proceeded to ask him, "Are you also from the Jaded Garden?"

"Yes, I am."

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