Cultivation Online

Chapter 1488 Sudden Visit

Chapter 1488 Sudden Visit

1488 Sudden Visit

After her interview with Wang Ming, Yan Xiaoxiao took a break and ate lunch with the Demon Sealing Faction.

Just as Meifeng started serving the food, Chu Liuxiang appeared in the dining room.

"Oh? You must be our interviewer. Nice to meet you. I'm Chu Liuxiang."

"Hm?" Yan Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Liuxiang with raised eyebrows. She hadn't really put any thought into it before, but after seeing Chu Liuxiang's face, she found the name extremely familiar.

"Ah! I remember now! You're the Chu Family's Young Lady! How are your parents? They've helped me plenty with my career. They also live on this mountain, right? I should give them a visit later."

"The Chu Family…" Chu Liuxiang made a weird expression after being reminded of them.

It has been a while since she left the Chu Family. She had been expecting their retaliation for some time now for crippling Chu Shijian, but to her surprise, they hadn't tried to do anything to Yuan or the Demon Sealing Faction.

"Actually, I've left the Chu Family due to some circumstances, and it's been a while since I left, so I don't know about their situation," she shook her head.

"I-is that so?" Despite her curiosity, Yan Xiaoxiao refrained from questioning any further and stopped talking altogether.

'The Chu Family, huh?' Yuan sighed inwardly.

'I was still immature back then. Although they showed hostility toward me, it was mostly due to a misunderstanding. Due to my inability to settle things properly, Lulu had to leave her family on bad terms.'

Yuan wondered if he should also visit the Chu Family again to see if he could recitfy their bad relationship. Since the Chu Family hadn't attempted to take revenge for that incident, it meant they were still redeemable.

'The Qi Family, as well. I wonder how they're doing nowadays…'

Since Yuan had to figure out how to leave the Shadow Realm with his life intact, he wasn't in a hurry to return to Cultivation Online.

'That spirit is definitely waiting for my return.'

Without Heaven's Supremacy, there was simply no way for him to defeat the sword spirit, even with his experience as the Evil God.

'The sword spirit didn't leave the Giant's Sword even once when attacked me. Perhaps she cannot separate from it because she's its spirit? In that case, I might be able to escape.'

Yuan spent the rest of the meal in silence, pondering ways to escape from the sword spirit and Vanishing Valley safely.

After the meal, Yan Xiaoxiao continued her interview with the members, starting with Xi Murong.

Meanwhile, Yuan approached Chu Liuxiang and asked her, "Lulu, I am thinking about giving the Chu Family another visit. Do you want to come with me?"

"Huh?! Why? This is too sudden!"

"After being reminded of their existence, I can't help but recall that incident. If I had handled things better, we might've been able to talk things out with your family. In the end, I crippled your father's cultivation because of a mere misunderstanding."

Chu Liuxiang fell silent.

A moment later, she sighed, "Other than their decision to suddenly marry me into the Qin Family, they've treated me like any ordinary parents would. My annoying siblings aside, my parents never hated me. Honestly, the way I left the Chu Family had left a bitter taste in my mouth that would occasionally return every time I think about them, but what can we do at this point? I doubt we can rectify things after so much has happened."

"You won't know until you try."

After another moment of silence, Chu Liuxiang nodded with a resolute expression, "Alright, let's give them a visit. I am also curious about how things ended up with the Qin Family after that. When do you want to visit them?"

"We can do it now since we have plenty of time."

"What about the interview?"

"She'll be here for a few days, so we have time."NôvelDrama.Org exclusive content.


"I'll notify Meifeng of our plans first."

"Then I will wait for you out front."

While Chu Liuxiang returned to her room to prepare, Yuan went to find Meifeng.

"You're going to meet the Chu Family now? This is quite sudden."

"I know."

"Then I'll let Yan Xiaoxiao know. Do you know when you'll be back?"

"It shouldn't take too long. We should be back by tonight."

"Stay safe, Yuan. The Chu Family has been facing some difficulties for some time now."

Yuan raised an eyebrow at this information and asked, "What kind of difficulties?"

"I don't know the details, but their family head is constantly sick nowadays. Due to his frequent absence, they're being heavily pressured by their competitors, and their overall influence has fallen significantly."

"Their family head should be Chu Shijian, correct?"


Yuan had a feeling that this sickness was related to his cultivation being crippled.

"I understand. Thank you for the information, Meifeng."

Sometime later, he met up with Chu Liuxiang outside their residence and made their way up the mountain together.

As they walked, Yuan talked about the Chu Family's troubles.

"To think the Chu Family would be suffering in such a manner… I could've never imagined such a thing happening before." Chu Liuxiang sighed out loud after learning this information.

She continued, "This is probably the Qin Family's doing, too."

"The Chu Family have been fighting with the Qin Family for decades, correct?" Yuan asked.

"That's right. I don't know the details, but they've always been on bad terms with each other. Things were about to get out of hand, so the two families came together and made a decision

—to change things around before things got bloody. Marrying me into the Qin Family would've resulted in said change, but alas…"

"I don't know what happened to the Qin Family after I left, but they must be upset, especially their eldest, who really fancied me back then, always sending me gifts and stuff."

As they approached the Chu Family's residence, Yuan could see a figure standing by the gates.

"Sebastian…" Chu Liuxiang muttered in a low voice after seeing his familiar face.

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