Married at First Sight

Chapter 3357

"What were you laughing at just now?" Desmond asked Duncan gently again.

Duncan answered honestly, "I just had a phone call with Liberty, and I couldn't help but laugh when I thought that we would be able to get our marriage certificate soon."

"Did you propose to her?" Desmond asked.

Duncan said, "I have begged, but when I asked before, she didn't agree. Brother, I will not wrong her. I will propose to her again. I will wait until she returns to Wiltspoon to make arrangements. I will arrange the venue for the proposal outside. I will propose to her in public for Hank and the Brown family to see. They gave up Liberty, which was their biggest loss. Hank is not worthy of liberty."

Duncan was determined to make the Brown family regret their decision.NôvelDrama.Org owns this text.

Desmond smiled and said, "They have long regretted it, but they have not regretted buying the medicine. You can't wrong her. She had a failed marriage, and she has some shadows in her heart. If it weren't for your loyalty and persistence, and because she has become like this and lost her temper over time, she might not be willing to marry you. To be honest, with her current conditions, she doesn't have to worry about getting married."

Putting aside Liberty's career and just saying that she was the elder sister of Serenity and the niece of Audrey, many people wanted to marry her.

Liberty also knew in her heart that the men outside who approached her basically came because of her identity as sister and aunt.

Only Duncan was not.

Duncan himself was a young master from a wealthy family. If she married him, she was overreaching.

Therefore, she didn't have to worry about Duncan having any plans for her. He had complete feelings, love, and sincerity for her.

The most important thing was that Duncan was very good to Sonny. Sonny was afraid of him from the beginning, but back then, he was as close as a father and son. This is because Sonny felt Duncan's sincerity toward him.

It is said that children's hearts are very pure. Even if they can't express it in words, they know in their hearts who is good to them and who is being hypocritical to them. Women who remarry with children must consider not only their own happiness but also their children's feelings.

Sonny accepted Duncan, and Liberty was also moved by Duncan's persistence and affection. She decided to take a g*mble again.

Marriage is inherently a gamble. She lost her first bet. The second time, she hoped to win the bet, and she also believed that she could win the bet.

Duncan said, "Brother, I know, and I can't bear to let her suffer. She will have what others have, and what she has, others may not have. Let me tell my parents when I get home tonight and ask them to help us choose. On a good day, after I proposed to her, I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the certificate. The wedding can be held later. When I can walk like a normal person, the wedding will be held.

The weddings of Zachary and Serenity and Josh and Jasmine were both luxurious and sensational. Liberty and I's wedding should not only surpass theirs but also be on par with them so as not to wrong Liberty. When the time comes, Sonny will be our flower girl."

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