My Loyal Husband After Our Divorce

Chapter 707

Chapter 707: Tong Yan Was Face Slapped

"Just exactly who is getting so face-slapped that she doesn't even have the face to stay anymore?" Tong Yan retorted with arrogance.

Suddenly, Ali felt sorry for the girl. Tong Yan was no match for Xinghe, she knew nothing but to be arrogant. However, that was not going to save her from the disaster coming her way.

Imagining Tong Yan's incoming face slap made Ali laugh. She really wanted to stay to witness the show.

"Let's go." However, Xinghe was not interested in her humiliation and left in a hurry.

Tong Yan purposely added, "Xia Xinghe, hopefully you've learned from this lesson and don't overstay your welcome next time!"

Ali harrumphed coldly before running to catch up to Xinghe, she had lost all interest in dealing with this brainless girl as well. Tong Yan thought they were running away out of shame and she was bursting with happiness.

Right then, Elder Shen walked slowly out of his study. Tong Yan went to grab at his arm and said with a smile, "Grandpa, Xinghe left without even saying goodbye. Look at how rude she is, we wanted her to stay for dinner, but she didn't even acknowledge us. But don't worry, Ying Ying and I will accompany you. Grandpa, how about you let me stay overnight? I haven't spent a night at home for a very long time."

Tong Yan had already moved on to calling the Shen family her home.

However, Elder Shen shrugged her off and said, "I don't need your company and don't come here again. I was your grandfather in the past but that will only be in the past."

Tong Yan was shocked. Even Chui Ying was surprised.

"Grandpa, what are you talking about..." Tong Yan asked with disbelief. Wasn't everything going just fine, and he had already agreed to reaccept them, so what was happening now?

Elder Shen continued in a firm voice, "I said, don't come here anymore in the future because I am no longer your grandfather. From this moment on, you and your mother have nothing to do with the Shen family anymore, so stop thinking about coming back!"

"Why?" Tong Yan started to scream. "Grandpa, why are you doing this to me? I demand to know why!"

"What to do, I can't stop laughing from envisioning the slaps landing on that Tong Yan's face right now." Ali started guffawing the moment she got in the car. The only regret was she couldn't be there in person.All content © N/.ôvel/Dr/ama.Org.

"Xinghe, why didn't you tell Elder Shen the truth? That way, we would have been able to face slap that Tong Yan ourselves, and that would have made sure she didn't have any chance of returning to the Shen family," Ali suddenly asked.

Xinghe answered softly, "Because I know the Shen family won't be able to distance themselves from Tong Yan and Shen Ru so easily."

"What do you mean by that?" Ali was confused.

Xinghe looked at her and said, "I need the Shen family to see Tong Yan and Shen Ru's ugly sides for themselves."


"They will find out that it is because of me that they were abandoned by the Shen family. Hatred will blind people's hearts into making dumb decision and that is what I need from that mother and daughter pair."

Ali got her plan roughly. "You mean, you want them to take revenge against you so that Elder Shen can see for himself their real personality?"

"That's right. The Shen family cannot reserve a space for Shen Ru; Grandfather's daughters can only be my aunt and mother!" A flash of viciousness appeared in the depths of Xinghe's eyes.

Ali was taken aback. She said with disbelief, "I thought this was really part of the search for you mother. I had no idea you're really prepping the place for her return."

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