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Chapter 1299

Chapter 1299

It was all this bastard’s fault.

Nash killed his son and his grandson.

Harold’s eyes were red. He stared at Nash like a madman and shouted, “Nash, return my grandson to me!”

Nash slowly landed on the top of a big tree, pointed the Green Light Sword at Harold, and said in an indifferent tone, “Your grandson is dead. If you want to see him, I can send you down for a reunion!”

“Argh!!!” Harold was overwhelmed by hatred and rushed forward, shaking the whip sword in his hand. Thousands of illusory sword energies rolled toward Nash like ocean waves.


When Gabriel and the rest saw their elder brother rushing out, they’ immediately launched their defensive attacks. They all knew that if their eldest brother died, they would not survive. The Four Symbol Formation only worked when four people worked together.

Nash looked at the overwhelming sword energy. A trace of blurriness flashed across his eyes. He recalled the time when Bladesman Divus fought the ghoul overlord, then himself using the Profound Sword Technique to deal with the genetic warriors.

He also thought back to himself sparring with Ash, and finally, dealing with the four Freeman elders.

Nash’s eyes seemed to have lost their color, with only two sword lights in his pupils. He slowly raised his sword and pointed it at the sky.

The gold core within him spun in a frenzy. The spiritual power between heaven and earth seemed to be drawn toward Nash.

The Green Light Sword trembled and let out a cry. A terrifying sword energy filled the air and spread hundreds of miles in an instant.

“One slash to cut mountains!” Nash murmured softly. He then brought down his sword in a slash.

There were no fancy lights or beams. It was just an ordinary slash.

If it were not for the terrifying sword energy, Harold thought Nash’s slash could not even cut his hair.

However, as Nash slashed down in a mediocre manner, it shook the 50 over Mystique Loyalty Realm experts. They all felt it and trembled. They felt a looming fear.

“What… What is this?”

“Bladesman Divus’ sword energy isn’t this strong, right?”

“When did the martial arts world have such a strong swordsman?”

Nash had already brought down his slash just as everyone was shocked by the terrifying sword energy.

Harold’s thousands of sword energies dissipated like a piece of broken wood. Harold himself turned into a bloody mist.

Several peaks behind them were split into two.

Gabriel was dumbfounded; Thames was stunned; Preston almost peed his pants.

Was this a dream? Why was Nash’s swordsmanship so terrifying?

Even those in the Profound Oriental Realm would not be able to display such power, right?

Gabriel’s mouth turned dry. His mind was about to explode. He looked at Nash as if he were looking at a god.

Sounds of knees hitting the ground came from the side.

Gabriel turned around to find his two younger brothers already kneeling on the ground.


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The Mystique Loyalty Realm experts were frightened out of their wits by Nash’s sword.

Gabriel had a wry smile on his face. He dropped the nine-section whip in his hand and knelt on the ground.

Once they knelt and submitted, cracks would appear within their Path.

There would be no hope of advancing beyond the Mystique Loyalty Realm in this life.

However, between life and death, they chose life.

Nash slowly landed on the ground. His eyes returned to normal.

He looked at the chasm created by his slash. He was stunned as well. He thought, ‘Did I do this?’

He closed his eyes and searched for the state he entered just now.

After searching for a long time, he could not figure it out. That slash was not a move in the Profound Sword Techniques but a move he created on a whim.

Nash sighed softly. Then, he walked toward Gabriel Hoffman and the others. When he saw the three of them kneeling on the ground, he smiled disdainfully. “That’s it?”

“You win and we lose. We admit defeat!”

Gabriel lowered his head. His voice was hoarse: He lowered himself and groveled before Nash.

“You think I’ll let you live if you just kneel down and admit defeat?” Nash said with sarcasm.

“We’re willing to give up half of the Freemans’ property…” Gabriel continued.

“When you worked together to destroy the Youngs, did you ever consider letting those elderly and children go?”

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