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Chapter 1300

Chapter 1300

Gabriel’s pupils shrank upon Nash’s question. “Are… Are you a descendant of the Youngs?”

Thames shook his head in disbelief and said, “Impossible! None of the Youngs made it out alive back then. There’s no way there are survivors!”

However, Preston asked, “Are you Wolfgang Young’s son?”

Immediately, Thames fell silent.

Nash’s age would match the child Ruby Xing gave birth to.

Nash’s gaze was as sharp as a knife. “The Youngs treated you very well, but you were traitorous and ungrateful, colluding with outsiders to massacre them. Today, I’ll avenge the Youngs!”

With that, he cut off Gabriel’s head with the Green Light Sword.

Warm blood sprinkled on Thames’ face. Thames resigned as he closed his eyes in despair.

Nash cut off Thames’ head without mercy.

Preston’s eyes were cold. In a last-ditch effort, he tried to stab Nash with his double-blade sword.

Nash waved his sword, and Preston’s hands fell to the ground…

The four Freeman elders were gone.

Just when Nash was about to return to the group, the entire sky suddenly darkened. A terrifying presence descended from the sky, pressing firmly on Nash’s shoulders as if trying to push him to his knées.

Nash gritted his teeth and thrust his sword with one hand. He looked up at the sky with difficulty, only to see a black-robed figure slowly descending.

Nash’s pupils shrank violently. A Profound Oriental Realm expert!

His heart skipped a beat.

The man in a black robe looked to be in his 20s, and he had a sinister red glow in his eyes. The corners of his thin lips curved in an evil manner. “As expected of Johnathan Calcraft’s disciple. You’re able to withstand 30% of my power!”

Only 30%? Nash was shocked.

He once heard Ash talk about the power of someone in the Profound Oriental Realm before. It gave him a new understanding as he experienced this person’s power now.

The difference between the Mystique Loyalty Realm and the Profound Oriental Realm was simply like an ant against an elephant.

“Who are you?”

Under strong pressure, Nash mustered all his strength to utter the words between his teeth.

“I’m Abinech!”

The man with feminine features mocked, “Hand over the dragon ring and I’ll spare your life!”

“Extreme… Emperor… Energy… Blow!” Nash yelled, and he spewed blood abruptly. The next second, he started shaking. The gold core inside him burst into bright golden light.

A majestic momentum suddenly erupted. Abinech’s momentum was pushed back as he took a small step back.

Nash broke free from the restraints and gasped for air while leaning on his sword for support. His mental and spiritual energy was almost exhausted.

Extreme Emperor Energy Blow was a defensive method that required a lot of energy and would greatly impact the body. Even a master would not use this method easily.

Nash said with disdain, “Tsk… The Profound Oriental Realm is nothing more than this!”

Abinech had cast such power using only 30% of his strength, but Nash was very satisfied to have forced him to take a step back.

Nash, a practitioner in the late stage of the Mystique Loyalty Realm, managed to push back a beast in the Profound Oriental Realm.

This was unheard of, but Nash succeeded. This would be beneficial for his future cultivation.

“That’s a heaven-level technique called Extreme Emperor Energy Blow!

‘Abinech narrowed his eyes, unable to conceal his greed as he scowled. “You have too many secrets… I’ll dig them all out and my strength will be raised to another level!”

He could conquer all the masters of the reclusive sects if he obtained these skills.

Abinech telekinetically grabbed the air.

Nash was instantly sucked in by an irresistible force.

Abinech strangled Nash’s neck and said menacingly, “Hand over your secrets and I’ll spare your life and give you endless wealth and power!”Content © NôvelDrama.Org.

The gold core in Nash’s body was suppressed. An unprecedented sense of danger enveloped his whole body. Nash choked and said, ” You’re from the Church of the Netherworld!!”

Abinech was surprised. He asked, “You knew about the Holy Cult?”

Nash understood immediately.

Abinech was the mastermind behind the Freemans’ establishment of the Southern Martial Alliance, but Abinech was just executing the orders of the Church of the Netherworld.

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