My Substitute CEO Bride

Chapter 1421

"Greetings, Mr. Calcraft!"

"Greetings, Mr. Calcraft!"

Everyone at the hotel knew Nash and greeted him one after another.

Nash arrived at the seventh floor and quickly located Winston's room with his spiritual power.

Both of their rooms were single rooms.

Curious, Nash thought, 'Winston has at least a few million worth of assets, so he wouldn't need to stay in a standard room, would he?'

Standard rooms did not have doorbells, so he had to knock.

"Who's at the door?"

Winston did not expect Nash to arrive within two minutes.


"Damn, did you fly here, Nash?"

Winston was wearing a cheap suit.

Nash could not help but ask, "What about your millions of dollars in savings?"

Winston looked embarrassed. "I lost it all in the stock market!"

Nash rolled his eyes at Winston. "Why haven't you learned anything good? Why do you have to invest in stocks? That's never something one should be investing in!" He did not know much about the stock

market, but he had heard that many people had lost everything and even committed suicide because of stock trading losses.

Nash flipped his wrist, revealing a bank card in his hand. "This is the medical fees your grandfather gave me back then. I'll return the money to you now!"

"No! You saved my grandfather's life, so you must keep the medical fees!" Winston shook his head and refused. "My grandfather always taught me that even if I'm poor and have to beg for food, I shouldn't lose my conscience."

Nash looked at Winston approvingly. "You have a good conscience. How about this? I'll help you get a job. Consider this money an advance on your salary!"

Winston's eyes welled up with tears. He wanted to say something, but Nash had already stuffed the bank card into his hand. "I'm very busy. Take me to your sister!"

Winston took the bank card, led Nash to his sister's room, and knocked on the door.

Three minutes passed, and there was still no response from the room.

Nash activated his Third Eye, only to see the girl sleeping soundly under the blanket.

Winston continued knocking on the door, feeling anxious. "Could it be that something has happened to her?"

Nash said helplessly, "She's just sleeping soundly!"

"I guess she stayed up all night playing games again!"

Winston smiled bitterly and took out his phone to call Wendy.

"You don't have to call her. I'll oper the door!TM

handash grabbed they

and used his spiritual.

to meddle with the lock. S

The door opened with a click.

Winston was amazed.

With this skill, would Nash not make a fortune as a locksmith?

The two entered the room, and

ston approached Wendy, gently her chubby face. "Wendy,

wake up. Wake up..."


Wendy opened her eyes drowsily. Upon seeing a man's face, she was startled and punched out.

There was an electric current on her fist, and Winston's pupils contracted in shock.

Nash quickly grabbed Wendy's wrist. The violent electric current flowed into his body instantly.

The electric current sizzled on Nash's body, but he was unaffected.

His slowly rotating gold core absorbed all those electric currents and converted them into spiritual energy. Nash's eyes lit up. His gold core could even convert electricity into spiritual energy.

In that

invine wouldn't he be


in a fight with others? He


to find an electric pole and

would not lose in any battle! Content © NôvelDrama.Org - All rights reserved.

"Nash, can you let go of me?" Wendy's wrist was a little painful as she looked at Nash pitifully.

Her pitiful and cute appearance could easily arouse one's pity.

Naturally, Nash, who had seen many beauties, was somewhat immune-especially to this young girl.

Nash let go of her hand and asked, "Can you release some electric current for me?"

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