My Substitute CEO Bride

Chapter 1422

Only then did Wendy realize that Nash had come because of her sudden mutation. She extended two flawless fingers, and sparks of electricity flickered at her fingertips. Nash activated his Third Eye to observe the source of the electricity.

In Nash's line of sight, the cells inside Wendy's body were infinitely magnified. The molecules inside the cells were colliding with each other, generating electric currents. When these currents gathered, they were capable of releasing a powerful voltage.

After about 30 seconds, Wendy's face turned pale. Sweat poured down her forehead. She bit her lip and said, " Nash, I can't hold on much longer!"

"You can stop now!" Nash calmly said, then pondered.

Wendy's superpower and energy source differed from Lumi's energy source.

There were ten trillion molecules in a single cell, and the human body had countless cells, which was how superpowers arose from the mutation of cellular molecules.

The human body was a treasure trove, harboring great potential. Once unlocked, it would manifest into a superhuman existence.

Winston anxiously asked, "Nash, will my sister be okay?"

Nash shoved his hands into his pockets, shaking his head. "Awakening superpowers are good, but one must learn to control them!"

With her mouth slightly agape, Wendy gasped for breath. "Then how do I control my superpower?" Original content from NôvelDrama.Org.

Nash thought for a moment, then led them to Lumi and her sister's room.

At the moment, Euria and Lumi were busy working at their desks by the window.

Lumi had one hand supporting her cheek. There was a playful smile on her face as she reminisced about her intoxicating dream last night. The man in her dream was so gentle with her. Euria furrowed her brows slightly, raising her hand to flick an ice cube at her sister's forehead. "Are you daydreaming about boys or something? Why are you always giggling?" "Huh?"

"I'm not. How could an innocent girl like me daydream about boys?" Lumi muttered with her face flushed.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Lumi quickly ran to open the door.

Euria sneered and muttered, "Just don't fall for that man..."

When Lumi opened the door, she saw the face she had longed for.

Her face flushed more, and she lowered her head. Her voice was soft and tender, "Hello, Commander..."

That soft voice made Winston's bones almost turn to jelly.

the woman with

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frontarf a him. Her lips glowed. crystal-clear luster. Content Belongs

She was so beautiful...

Winston was flustered, but he immediately suppressed his thoughts.

He should not be having inappropriate thoughts about the women around Nash.

Nash raised an eyebrow. "You look shy. Could it be that you've fallen for me already?"


"Why... would I?"

Lumi's heart raced, her face blushing so much that her face was like a tomato.

Winston rolled his eyes, thinking, 'You might as well say you're lying.'

Nash's eyelid twitched. Could this



developed feelings for

him just because he teased her a yesterday? Content


Thinking of this, he shuddered and quickly changed the subject. "Ahem... Well, erm... I have a friend here who just awakened her

superpower. If you have time, could


you teach her how to net

Lumi's beautiful eyes lit up, and she looked at Winston. "You've awakened your superpower?"

Winston shook his head, pointing to Wendy beside him. "It's my sister who has awakened her superpower."

Lumi seized her. "What kind of superpowers did you awaken?"

"Electricity. High-voltage electricity!"

"Electricity? The superpower of thunder?"

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