Chapter 2052

Chapter 2052

[God of Fighting Asura has been extinguished.] 

[The raid rewards will be distributed evenly to all members of the Party. Hurry Up and Join.]

The Overgeared members were dancing, cheering, and hugging each other when they suddenly fell quiet. 


“It has been like that lately. I guess it wasn’t a mistake the first few times.” 

Everyone looked at Grid with straight faces. Outstanding players like Kraugel and Chris frowned.

Hurent was experienced and asked with a smile, “Hey, Grid... why are you distributing the rewards evenly? Everyone seems to think you’ve made a mistake. Is that the case?”

Usually, people raided monsters in a party. Those like Grid, Kraugel, and Yura could provide buffs to their party members. The more named-grade NPCs were in a party, the more powerful the group was. 

Every time Grid and the Overgeared members fought a strong enemy, they naturally formed a party. Usually, the party leader was the one who acquired the items. If Grid was the party leader, the party would be disbanded when the finishing blow would be landed on the enemy. 

This was a long tradition that had been going on since Grid established the Overgeared guild. This rule had been put in place to respect Grid, who contributed the most during battles. 

But at some point, this rule was broken. Even though Grid was party leader, he kept the distribution as even and didn’t disband the party. It started happening often after the hell expedition and it happened more and more after the Trauka raid. Even now, the rewards from raiding Asura were divided equally among all party members even though Grid had done the most during the fight. 

Grid broke the heavy atmosphere. “Isn’t this fair? I have been saying for a long time that we should be stronger as a whole. This doesn’t mean I am unilaterally distributing compensation to you. I have my own standards when it comes to distribution.” 

Grid thought it was time to tell everyone what he truly thought. 

“For example, it would’ve been hard for me to get rid of Asura by myself today. It’s impossible to raid someone who becomes stronger the more he fights.” 

What he said made sense. To raid Asura, Grid had to come up with good tactics to beat him since winning in combat was impossible. 

“In other words, it’s right to say we all contributed evenly in this situation. I have always adjusted the distribution settings this way.” 

Grid had long argued that he didn’t think he would be able to fight alone. He had come to this realization around the time he started preparing for the hell expedition. From then on, Grid had been hoping that his colleagues would become stronger. 

Lauel had agreed. The two of them had been building the infrastructure to make sure all players would become stronger, especially the Overgeared members. This was the result. 

The players had taken it upon themselves to destroy the Full Moon Fortresses and drive the cultivators out of this world. The Overgeared members had helped Grid defeat Asura. Grid’s plan had been successful.

Grid made eye contact with his colleagues and bowed politely. He conveyed his sincere thoughts without any pretenses. “I look forward to your continued cooperation. Please continue improving. Since I have already become as strong as I can be, you will also improve your skills as much as I have.” 

“...We can’t possibly become as strong as you.” 

“But at least do your best to be helpful.” 

“Like today, right?” 

The atmosphere was no longer tense. The Overgeared members patted Grid on the shoulder or messed up his hair with hesitant expressions. 

Huroi freaked out, but it was only a small incident. “H-How dare you put your hand on my liege’s head...!” 

The Overgeared members completed the Asura raid and gained at least a hundred levels. Some people gained so much status that they reached the rank of perfect Transcendents or Absolutes. They could stand shoulder to shoulder with Grid thanks to how much stronger they had become. It was a joyful atmosphere. 

Grid’s colleagues, who were indebted to him, were finally able to face him confidently. Would true companionship finally spring up? Well, the Overgeared members had long been a group united by camaraderie, so this was more than that. It was more like sibling affection. 

In the game, the Overgeared members had fought together, experienced frustrations, rejoiced, and shared happiness and sorrow together for over twenty years of Satisfy time. They saw each other as family. They had to rely on each other so they could maintain a strong bond for a long time. Grid no longer wanted to be on a different level from his colleagues. 

“There is a saying that greed leads to greater greed,” Grid said carefully. “People often say that there is no end to a person’s desires. Judging by most movies and cartoons, people who are already very wealthy and powerful were often portrayed as villains. But I disagree a bit.” 

Grid recalled his past. There had been moments when he couldn’t buy kimchi or pickled radish because he didn’t even have the money to eat instant noodles. He had been bullied because he was weak. He had been trampled by others who tried suppressing the growth he had been working so hard to achieve. 

Back then, Grid had wanted nothing but to get revenge and become stronger. 

“A villain becomes a villain because he suffers from a deficiency. No matter how rich or powerful they are in other people’s eyes, they end up resorting to dirty tricks to make up for what they are lacking.” 

The deficiency referred to here— 

“For example, not being able to find someone that matters to them.” 

Grid argued that relationships mattered the most to an individual. 

“I no longer lack anything. Money, honor, power, strength... I have everything I want, including people I care about. Aren’t you envious?” 


“Haha, there is only one thing I want to say. I want all of you to be like me.” 


“It has been a surprisingly long time since I’ve wanted this. To be exact, I’ve felt this way since I started fighting for the sake of my family and all of you, as well as for the people who are suffering despite not having anything to do with me. I stopped fighting for myself a long time ago.” 

Grid’s eyes were looking straight ahead as he confessed this. 

“I guess that you will also stop lacking things eventually.... What do you think?” 

Satisfy challenged the player with numerous trials. The player was greatly rewarded every time they overcame an ordeal. Therefore, the game satisfied them, living up to its name. 

“Of course, our faction’s name is Overgeared. We can’t be better than we already are,” Peak Sword immediately answered, as if what he said was obvious.

Grid smiled and nodded. 

“Yes, there are a lot of people in our group who have already fulfilled all of their desires. If you think you still aren’t good enough, you can make up for it by working hard and having fun just like before. Your colleagues will help you.” 

I need to be stronger. 

It still isn’t enough. 

I need to be a bit stronger... 

Today, Grid was completely liberated from the compulsion of responsibilities he had carried on his shoulders for so many years. He no longer wanted to become stronger. It was more valuable for two colleagues to be strong than one. He had been convinced of this since the Full Moon Fortress crisis. 

“In the future, let’s make sure more people become like us.” 

Grid was looking farther ahead. Beyond Satisfy, he pictured himself and his colleagues making a positive impact in the real world. 

“I don’t harbor this desire because I am a naturally good person. You see, I used to be an ordinary... Well, rather, I used to be a pathetic individual who didn’t even finish university or have a job.” 

Grid clenched one of his fists and slammed it into his chest. 

“But at the end of the day, I am here. Maybe it’s because I’ve fulfilled so many childish and bloody revenges that I have no more regrets. It might be because I have been lucky enough to meet good people and be rewarded by their kindness. So let’s give back this kindness to others. I want a lot of people to become just as strong as us.” 

Grid had met Khan, Irene, and his colleagues and was saved. Thanks to this, he picked himself up after hitting rock bottom and became the person he was today. The whole process had been thrilling and joyful. 

Of course, Grid had experienced pain and sadness many times, but he was able to smile and remember everything he had gone through. He wanted others to experience the same things as him. Everyone had the right to be happy. 

His sincere thoughts— 

[Only One God Grid says...] 

—were being spread to the whole world through the epic. Grid hadn’t expected that. 

“Wait, isn’t this crazy? Why is the conversation we’re having being spread through the epic?” Grid asked.

“You aren’t a child. What are you ashamed of?” 

Grid was flustered. “I-I’m not ashamed. I was upset because it’s obvious that the system is doing it on purpose.” 

It didn’t matter what he said. The epic didn’t end, but Grid’s speech was displayed as a world message. 


“Is Grid still in his main character persona?” 

“Isn’t he too arrogant? He already has everything he has ever wanted.” NôvelDrama.Org (C) content.

“Is he saying that ordinary people like us, who are lacking things, can become villains at any time? What?” 

Because of this, everyone around the world started talking about him. Some made fun of him, some were jealous, and some people even hated him. But, more than anything, a lot of people were thrilled. Those who had a difficult life, just like Grid used to, supported him. They felt very hopeful about the future. 

Anything ranging from tools, beasts, and people could become gods. Several countries with such ideals called for the worship of Grid as a god in reality. South Koreans believed that Grid should run for president. 

It wasn’t a particularly big deal. Historically, there had been many cases when a certain individual’s remarks would have a significant ripple effect on others. As always, the social phenomena created by Grid would become a thing of the past. It would go down as a page in history. 

No, one page wouldn’t cut it. Even when Grid started writing his epic, there were signs that a biography of the great Grid would be published. It would have at least a hundred volumes... 


It had been three months since the Asura raid. The world was at peace. The gods and angels of Asgard actively maintained contact with the gods of the Overgeared World and took care of humans together, allowing players to enjoy all types of content with ease. 

Some players trained by targeting named-grade bosses, which became more powerful as the average level of players increased, while others competed for wealth and power through territorial battles. 

Adventurers traveling between hell, the surface, the Overgeared World, the Peach Blossom Spring, and Asgard hunted monsters or explored ruins, making headlines every day. 

The number of people taking advantage of Satisfy’s wonderful natural environment and engaging in leisurely activities, such as hiking and surfing, also increased every day. 

The dragons rallied around Cranbel and Navaldrea, learning to blend in with humans. The Refractive Dragon and Rebecca still couldn’t be seen. According to Dominion’s report, Rebecca often used the recently restored back road in Asgard. She seemed to be holding out well against the Refractive Dragon. 

“Abu, Abuuu!!’ 


Lord’s newborn siblings had been competing with each other since they were born. They were competing on who would eat faster, grow taller, not stain the diapers too much, learn to speak first, and so on. It was a meager competition that was befitting a peaceful world. 

“Lily... Our lovely Lily keeps getting angry at me... I was trying to change her diaper earlier and she threw a slipper at me...” 

“She’s just going through puberty. Cheer up, Lord-chan.” 

“What puberty could a newborn child experience?!” 

“I heard that women grow up fast. After all, Lily is Marie Rose’s daughter.” 

“No matter how fast they grow, how can you treat women like they’re a fantasy species...? Just like the rumors say, you really don’t know anything about women, Teacher.” 

“I-I’m not like Vantner. He’s the one who doesn’t know anything about women! Do you know how much time I spent reading books about that? In fact, Isabel-chan is always happy!” 

“Every time I have tea with my mothers, she is always jealous or complaining about something.” 

“Don’t make fun of my wife!” 

“You are misunderstanding. I am talking about your actions, Teacher.” 

“Haha, our Lord-chan is amazing... You are in such high spirits after getting siblings... Should I show you how great your teacher is after so long?” 

“There you are, you two! You can go to a dungeon or somewhere other than the sparring hall to fight! There is a dungeon that Navaldrea has asked me to investigate...” 

The whole continent was full of life. There was always a bright smile on Grid’s face as he worked hard, hammering away in the smithy

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