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Chapter 1803 The Echoing Tower’s Final Moments.

Chapter 1803 The Echoing Tower's Final Moments.

1803 The Echoing Tower's Final Moments.

The moment the words left his lips, Felix felt a bad feeling arising from within, making him realize that maybe, just maybe, he should not have done that.

Alas, it was already too late.

Asna's core headed the order immediately and released its authority on the stone of reality.

The Stone of Reality instantly recoiled at the audacity, thumbing thunderously within Felix's chest until he felt a sharp pain hitting him out of nowhere!


Before Felix and the other tenants could react, the conflict escalated rapidly after an intense battle broke within his body between the hearts!

The forceful energies of Asna's core and the Stone clashed, each asserting dominance, neither yielding, putting Felix's body on life support.


Scared sh*tless,Felix gasped with a strained voice.

But the entities within him were beyond heeding his pleas. His skin began to glow, lines of light tracing paths across his body as if he were a map of the Milky Way.

Ka-Thumb! Ka-Thumb!...

Suddenly, theenergies within him erupted outside, causing bursts of power to shoot from Felix, scorching the ground around him!

'F*ck, F*ck, F*ck! How can I stop them!'

Felix got more stressed out, feeling like his body was about to explode from their clash. He tried his best to regain control, but they weretwo of the universe's most fundamental forces.

When they erupt, only the universe's consciousness could stop them and at the moment, he was not even close to becoming one.

"Focus on survival!" Lady Sphinx advised him swiftly.

Felix understood what she implied, making his expression turn for the worse.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this," Felix managed through gritted teeth, struggling to stand upright against the overwhelming forces tearing through him.

He thought with Asna's help, his voice might reach the stone of reality and make it obey him.

"Those two are primal forces of the same grade and authority, unlike the universe's heart." Lord Maduk frowned, "Ordering one to control the other was not the right move as it kicked off their fight or flight instinct."

"The stone of reality even fought against the universe's heart authority." Thor narrowed his eyes at the sight of Felix being engulfed in wild and destructive reality-altering energies.

Felix knew that he made a blunder, but It was too late for regrets. Realizing that it was hopeless to stop them, he invoked any defensive measures to ensure his safety while fighting off the hellish agony!

Meanwhile, within the chaos of his internal struggle, a dialogue began, not in words, but in raw bursts of energy and emotion.

Each message hammered into Felix with the force of a supernova, leaving him reeling back and forth.

"What's going on down there?"


Ares and Eris halted their battle abruptly after spotting such a loud disturbance. When they noticed how Felix was at the core of a storm of destructive reality-altering energies, they suddenly felt a chill course down their spine.

Even Ares felt it, making him realize that the storm before his eyes was something capable of killing him too!

Rumble Rumble!!!

Abruptly, the Echoing Tower started to tremble more violently under the unchecked release of energies from Felix's internal struggle!

The unleashed energies rippled through the tower, distorting the fabric of reality itself floor by floor!

Within the 1st floor, the already chaotic and warped environment started to deteriorate further.

The peculiar landscapes spiraled into madness. Grounds split open, revealing chasms that led to nowhere, skies flickered between day and night at a nauseating pace, and structures that once defied gravity began to crumble and float away into the ether!

The inhabitants of the floor hustled in panic as their reality became increasingly unstable.

"Not in my watch."

While Ares was absolutely clueless about what was happening, he realized the catastrophic potential of the situation. His expression hardened, holding his divine polearm tightly, and prepared to end the turmoil by targeting Felix directly! All content is property © NôvelDrama.Org.


Above, the entire Echoing Tower persisted to shake like its structural integrity was compromised!

Cracks spread across the spatial walls and floors, growing like wild, untamed vines, realities breaking apart, creatures falling into pits, and guardians disappearing and reappearing into poofs of energy.

Even the outside of the tower was affected, its entire form and shape deforming and twisting like it was put in a blender!

An apocalypse, it was the only word that could describe this situation!

"Aether Lance put a halt to this madness." Ares uttered coldly, throwing the Aether Lance with all his divine might.

The weapon spun through the air rapidly until a pitch-black point appeared on its tip!

'Point break, you must not get hit by that.' Lilith warned with a solemn tone.

Alas, Felix was unable to move at all, his body was an affixed battleground for the two hearts, forcing him to gaze at the incoming spear with a tint of dread and despair.

He wanted to escape, he wanted to use his laws, he wanted to dodge, but nothing was in his hands...

Asna's core had hijacked complete control of his laws, using them to fight for its authority against the reality-bending aspect of the stone!

Since Asna's core authority was higher than all unigins due to being the creator of laws, if it decided to control them, none could stop it!

"Ignoring me now? You wish."

Before Felix and the tenants could place their hopes on Eris blocking the attack for him, she completely disregarded the polearm and manifested in front of Ares!

Then, she placed her palm near his chest and ordered with an icy voice, "Be consumed by your own chaos."

The moment she finished, Ares was hit with a massive flood of chaotic thoughts, feelings, sensations, and even his body started making random uncontrollable movements!

For a split second, it was like his entire body was consumed by the concept of chaos which made it nearly impossible to escape it.

After all, he couldn't put an order to his own thoughts!

Without an ounce of hesitation, Eris brought out a dagger produced out of twisted materials that seemed impossible to discern with one glance.

Then, she trusted it straight into Ares' chest.

As the dagger approached his chest, the flying Aether Lance was merely a meter away from Felix's chest.

Both Ares' eyes and Felix's eyes reflected nothing but those two weapons attempting to end their lives at once.

However, just as the spear was about to make contact, a sudden, violent implosion exploded from within Felix!

It was as if the conflicting energies had reached a critical point, unable to coexist a moment longer.

The implosion was not outward but inward, pulling everything nearby into its vortex of force before releasing a shockwave of raw, unchecked energy!!

The lance was caught in the sudden gravitational pull of the implosion and then was catapulted away from Felix in a heartbeat!

Before anyone could react, the reality-altering shockwave swept across the entire first floor and spread outward to the remaining floors, causing the tower to collapse from its foundation!

At last, the structural integrity of the Echoing Tower collapsed at once, no longer capable of containing such a massive and powerful release of energy.


Then, with a thundering sound, the Echoing Tower exploded in a blinding burst of light and energy!

It wasn't any kind of explosion, it was a supernova of reality-altering power, casting waves of vivid, multicolor light across vast stretches of the quantum realm.

The skies bloomed with brilliant colors, an aurora of chaotic beauty that painted every corner of the visible universe.

Before long, those colorful energies started to transform into mind-bending celestial objects and entities, a fusion of the tower's natives!

A new All-Seeing Eye was born but this time in the body of a massive creature, firing laser beams wherever it tracked any movements.

The Librarian Monster started expelling books and everyone trapped within them, hurling them straight into the maelstrom!

Some succeeded to survive it while others ended up erasing before they could enjoy their first breath of fresh air of freedom.

Amidst the millions of freed creatures and people, Dankin and Commander Bia were seen hurled into the distance, their bodies absolutely roughed up.

"Ahhhh!!!" Dankin screamed in agony as he went through a sea of fire, piercing right through it. If it wasn't for his immense speed, he would have gotten burnt in an instant!

His survival instincts kicked in the moment he received out even though he had no clue what was happening.

He ironed his will and utilized his vibration control to create a powerful repelling barrier as he went through the shockwave!

Commander Bia relied on the same method, helping her escape from the core of the shockwave with great wounds, but not dead.


The moment she landed on a piece of floating land, a great distance away from the tower, she lifted her head and gazed at its final moment in existence with a dazed expression.

"How did this happen...Is it the paragon's doing? It can't be..." She murmured to herself.

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