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Chapter 1107 Changes

Chapter 1107 Changes

Noel felt something he had never experienced before. After he stopped absorbing the spiritual energy, Noel felt a sudden burst of energy.

'This is…' Noel noticed that his spiritual energy started to change. 'Why is my body expelling my spiritual energy? But in exchange, my body is able to absorb the spiritual energy from the air much easier.

'Don't tell me, this is the secret of the Spirit Transcendence? By circulating the spiritual energy inside and outside my body, I'm able to create a body that can act like a funnel for the spiritual energy itself.

'But according to the record, the only thing I can think of is that this process will allow me to manipulate the spiritual energy in the air. Just like the transcendent path that uses the energy in nature to boost my power, being able to manipulate such energy will produce the same effect much faster.'

The energy still didn't stop leaking out of his body. On the other hand, the spiritual energy from the outside was concentrated in one spot. It was his back.

'Pain… Cold… No, it's just numbness. But I have Heisk… Why do I feel this?' Noel felt something was growing on his back.

He could feel it like it was an extension of his body.

'It's like a wing… but only half. Is it due to Ardagan? Nevertheless, the wing feels so natural now. Don't tell me, Heisk doesn't do anything so that the wing can grow like a part of my body instead of my ability.

'If that's the case, Ardagan would have undergone the same transformation as well. However, it's going to be impossible this time. Ardagan doesn't have the power to transform due to his current condition. Does this mean my advancement is half-completed?

'But the Spirit God didn't stop me from breaking through to Spirit Transcendence. There should be no side effects, but for now, I should be careful.'

Noel suddenly furrowed his eyebrows.

'What is this… There is a burning sensation in my chest?'

Noel had to maintain his focus, so he couldn't open his eyes. The burning sensation felt different from a fire. It was like facing dry ice. It was so cold and dry that it ended up burning.

'Heisk? Now that I think about it, it's coming from Heisk's Spirit Seal.'

Noel didn't know that outside his body, the Spirit Seal began to expand, forming lines from one spot to another like his veins.

After that, the spirit seal that was located in the chest began to move inside, which meant his heart.

Noel could feel as though his heart was being grasped by an invisible hand. But to his surprise, this feeling didn't make him short of breath. Instead, it was like his heart being strengthened from the inside, spreading a certain cool air that made him feel refreshed.

'What a comfortable feeling…' Noel muttered inwardly.

The process took a while, but eventually, the excess energy in his heart returned to the spirit seal.

The spirit seal reacted by retracting all the lines it had spread earlier. In fact, it started shrinking into a single dot on his chest.

At the same time, all that power was concentrated in the same spot.

'This kind of energy… is it going to explode? But the concentrated energy is extremely stable. I feel like I'm able to control the energy inside, especially if I want to extract it.

'The entire process doesn't have any pain. Is it because this is just a synchronization with the spirit? Or is it because I'm half spirit?' Property © of NôvelDrama.Org.

Noel was silent for a moment. 'No, wait. This concentrated thing in my chest is not energy, it's element. Heisk's ice element…'

Noel changed his opinion because the concentrated element started to flow all around his body, including the right side of his body. It cooled down his body's temperature.

But more importantly, the element didn't actually mix with the spiritual energy.

Normally, the elements would naturally merge with the elements, which would become the symbol of a person's energy.

However, this new change caused them to be separated.

'Is this what it means to have the spirit's body? The body is made of spiritual energy, while the elements are concentrated in their core. By getting separated like this, I can utilize this pure spiritual energy and mix it with the energy in nature because they're the same, unlike before, when my spiritual energy was slightly tainted or mixed with ice element.

'And by fusing them with elements and other things…' Noel fell silent. The answer was clear. He could use the power of transcendence much easier because of this transformation.

'So that's how it is. Just like the record said, the spirit seal would undergo a change. This change actually causes the spirit's special power, in Heisk's case, her element, to gather in a single spot so that it won't interfere with others.

'The Spirit Seal is expanding earlier, creating like veins in my body. I can use that as a tunnel to direct my element so that it won't fuse with spiritual energy on the way.

'This is the new way to actually utilize my power. There are a few things they misinterpret in the record. Then again, considering I ask Spirit Grandmasters instead of Spirit Transcendence experts, it won't be weird if they're wrong. They only interpret it after all.'

Noel noticed that everything inside his body had gradually settled down. He didn't know how long he had used for the entire process, but it felt like an instant for him.

'I feel like I can let out a burst of all this element at once. Is this the rumored Spirit Fusion Ability? I can't see any other possibilities that will explain the Spirit Fusion Ability.'

Noel thought for a moment. Even though he didn't know what happened outside, he knew fore sure that the demons would definitely come to hunt him down.

'In that case, before completing my advancement, let me test the power of Spirit Fusion Ability.'

Noel finally raised his hand in reality. He gathered the spiritual energy and all that concentrated element into a single thing, letting them burst in all directions.

He didn't realize at that time what kind of destruction he brought when making that decision.

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