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Chapter 1108 Spirit Fusion Ability

Chapter 1108 Spirit Fusion Ability


The demons were struggling to get past Anna's defense as another sword strike reached them, causing a shock wave that blew away a lot of demons.

"Huu…" Anna exhaled to calm her down. After all, these demons weren't the only ones coming for them.

She had fought against these demons for more than five minutes, killing more than two hundred demons and even injuring the Superior Demon.

However, she had to conserve some of her energy while pushing back all these demons so that they couldn't interrupt Noel.

As expected, another wave of roars suddenly came from the north. Yes, this was the reason she was holding back. She knew that there would be some demons coming from another direction.

When she glanced toward the north, she couldn't help but mutter, "Another Superior Demon, huh? And there are about five hundred demons under him. This is going to be a bit annoying…"

Suddenly, she heard another series of roars coming from the south.

"How can they all come at the same time?" Anna frowned. "Did another Superior Demon know about this and try to use it to their advantage? Either way, this is still within our expectations."

To handle them, leaving Noel in the open would be troubling. The demons could simply attack him from a distance.

Anna could handle all those attacks by herself from one direction, but not three. It seemed that she truly needed those things.

Anna took out several rune cards that Noel had given her earlier.

She then tossed it toward him. Four of those cards were floating around him as if they were planning to block his sides, front and behind.

After that, the runes were activated, each card forming a translucent barrier. Because of those four cards' positions, they ended up connecting with each other, forming a wall that blocked all four sides.

Then, another card floated on top of Noel's head, forming a barrier that would become his roof. The last card was slipping underneath him, ultimately creating a cube of barriers that would protect Noel even if the enemies chose to come from underground.

This was what the Rune Cards could do. These cards were made from a Superior Demon Crystal that they'd gotten on the way here. They would definitely last a while and withstand a lot of attacks.

At the very least, this cube should be able to protect Noel for at least fifteen minutes.

Anna couldn't help but smile. This was just a possibility that the Rune Cards had. They would definitely be popular if they knew that the Rune Cards could protect a VIP like this.

In addition, with other runes, they could use it on all sorts of situations, from offensive to supporting.

That was why the Rune Cards' value might actually be higher than the airship itself. © 2024 Nôv/el/Dram/a.Org.

"And now… it's time to kill these demons." Anna smirked. "Lightning Trans—"

When she was about to transform, she suddenly heard something from the east as her instinct picked up all the danger signs from that direction.

"Are you serious?" Anna frowned, looking at the east, especially more than five thousand demons coming from that direction. "We should have killed all the demons from the east… No, don't tell me… are they the demons under the Ancient Demon Spider? This explains why the demons are actually coming at the same time. They know that we'll have trouble if we have to fight them simultaneously."

Anna gasped, realizing that she had underestimated that Ancient Demon Spider. With this number, there was no way the Spiritual Barrier Runes could handle it.




There was another series of roars that became the signal for all those demons. In that instant, the low and mid level demons immediately charged forward as high level demons followed behind him, turning the battlefield into chaos.

Looking at the incoming demons, Anna couldn't help but mutter inwardly, 'Don't tell me, we have to retreat? But it might cause problems for Noel. In that case, I have to push myself a little bit… It's going to take longer, but I should be able to manage all these demons with my True Spirit Body.'

Anna took a deep breath. Although it was a shame, she had to do it in order for Noel to not be disturbed during his advancement.

The lightning around her body began to spark, gradually changing into red. "True… Spirit…"

Before she could transform, she suddenly felt enormous energy coming from Noel. It was chilling energy. The temperature was actually lower than what she had experienced this whole time.

"Huh?" Anna turned her head around, seeing Noel lift his right hand.

The spiritual energy from both his body and the air started to mix in, creating a formidable pressure that even made Anna cautious. "What is this? Is he done? But his eyes are still closed."

The spiritual energy wasn't the only thing that gathered in his hand. The chilling energy coming from the spirit seal on his chest instantly created a gale that could seep into the bones.

Anna covered herself with spiritual energy, barely blocking that chilling wind. "What is this power?"

Anna didn't know why, but her instinct was telling her to get away from him. But if she ran away, the demons might come toward him.

The moment she noticed that the spiritual energy and Noel's ice elements started to merge, she realized what was going on.

"Not good!" Anna jumped into the air.

The spiritual energy and ice elements burst together, causing a massive shock wave where those two fused inside.

The burst of chilling energy flew in all directions, with Noel as its center. It covered the field with a thick layer of ice.

There were multiple roses blooming from the ice layer, not hitting anyone. On the other hand, the demons who got covered by the ice shock wave were frozen in an instant. Some of them ended up turning into ice roses.

Only those Advanced Level Demons or above could actually withstand the cold with their own spiritual energy.

Even then, they didn't last long after that. There were a total of forty ice roses that bloomed in the ice field, which expanded for more than 100 meters in radius.

With the shock wave alone, Noel had killed more than three hundred demons. However, his attacks didn't stop there.

All forty ice roses exploded at the same time.

"!!!" The demons near the ice roses widened their eyes, but were unable to close them again as they ended up getting frozen by that sudden burst.

Even Advanced Level Demons instantly died. Only Demons that were stationed slightly further from the roses managed to survive.

The roses with demons inside of them ended up shattering like broken glass with some flesh inside. On the other hand, the roses that didn't have anything inside just released a shock wave that expanded the chilling air outward. At the same time, they burst into blue particles that gradually fell to the ground, turning it into a deadly yet beautiful ice field.

Anna couldn't help but gasp as if she couldn't believe the power that this attack contained. Her body was trembling from both the chill and shock.

"How is it possible? Without True Spirit Body… and while he is in the middle of his breakthrough… he is able to achieve all this… Is this a Spirit Fusion Ability? To think that he is able to kill more than a thousand demons with a single ability… If those demons are closer to him, it's clear that there will be more casualties…"

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