The Ex-Husband's Revenge

Chapter 2985

Chapter 2985

"Oh, no! The Southern Boss is coming after Miss Young! Let's stop him. We can't let him harm Miss Young!"

The Thompsons were all shocked and instantly guessed what the Southern Boss's intention was.

Angus decisively signaled a few others to protect Iris, Roanne, and Renee while he stood at the front with a few others to stop the Southern Boss.

Though this was the best arrangement he could manage at the moment, he did so with a heavy heart.

After the earlier battle, the strongest among them all, Arthur, had his power destroyed.

All the elders who were in the Intermediate Almighty state were severely injured as well.

The remaining Thompsons were only in the Initial Almighty State, which was miles away from the Peak Almighty State the Southern Boss was in.

It would be impossible for them to stop the Southern Boss. Property of Nô)(velDr(a)ma.Org.

"Southern Boss, don't you dare!" A roar rang out.

Chandler, who was responsible for protecting Iris, launched a powerful attack on the Southern Boss.

"What? The Advanced Almighty State?" The Southern Boss was taken aback.

He thought that the Thompsons' side consisted of only weak martial artists and were not much of a threat. To his bewilderment, there was a martial

artist in the Advanced Almighty state among them.

This caught him by surprise.

Not daring to take this lightly, he launched a powerful counterattack at Chandler's attack.

Chandler knew that the Southern Boss was already in the Peak Almighty State and that he was no match for him. Hence, instead of facing him head- on, he simply dodged the attack and struck again to keep the Southern Boss occupied.

"Great! Let US all attack to stall the Southern Boss!” Angus did not expect Chandler to be in the Peak Almighty State and was pleasantly surprised.

With Chandler holding the Southern Boss off, the Thompsons were less burdened and they all joined Chandler to stall the Southern Boss.

Meanwhile, Brahma was running at full speed and reached the gate.

Leon was hurrying after him when he turned and noticed that the Southern Boss was trying to capture Iris.

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