The Heiress’ Return: Six Brothers at Her Beck and Call

Chapter 729

Chapter 729 Someone Was Worshiping Them Wynter didn't immediately respond to Cody's words. Instead, she pondered for a moment before turning on her phone.

She showed him videos and photos to let him see that it was quite normal for some ordinary Foplyans to appear in Cascadia.

"We also go to Foplya for cultural exchange and trade nowadays."

Cody watched for a while and finally understood that things were different from back then..

But his following reaction was intense. "They're not ordinary Foplyans! They're the ones who bullied us back then! And they're armed!"

"Do you mean that they're the Foplyan troops?" Wynter's eyes darkened. "You're all spirits living in the same place?"

Cody mumbled, "It doesn't seem like the same place. They have food and drinks. They're living it up."

Food and drinks? On Cascadian soil?

This was basically impossible, considering that they were war criminals who invaded Cascadia.

That is, unless someone was worshiping them.

Wynter suddenly remembered the letter's contents, which clearly warned her to be cautious of traitors.

But even if someone was worshiping them, the war criminals couldn't possibly suppress Cascadia's heroic spirit in the underworld.

After all, public opinion had always been paramount throughout history. What form of worship could surpass it?

What exactly happened here that could deceive the underworld and even heaven?

wynter to into contemplation. This was the first time she had encountered such a situation. Even Atwater hadn't mentioned it.

Cody could only recall some of his memories.

Just as Wynter was about to take him back to the berth to rest, a child's cry suddenly came from nearby.

Wynter turned to see a middle-aged woman sitting there with her head wrapped in a scarf. The child in her arms was crying uncontrollably, as if suffocating.

However, the woman didn't pay him any attention. She just adjusted the blanket around the child.

The child immediately stopped crying, and even his presence became much weaker.

Wynter's eyes flickered with suspicion.

On an old-fashioned train like this, the lights would be turned off at night.

Und Sections Was Worshorel Thatn The people in the carriage were all asleep. When they reached a station, a few people got off occasionally. No one noticed the woman's abnormal behavior.

Wynter flicked a copper coin with her fingertip.

Leo, who had been pretending to be absent, immediately responded when Wynter shook him: "Yes, Master."

"Turn into a one-year-old child. I'll hold you."

Leo was puzzled but obediently transformed. He was already sucking on a pacifier, so being held by Wynter didn't feel out of place.

After making preparations, Wynter walked toward the woman with the child in her arms.

She looked like a harmless, innocent college student with a naive expression. "Miss, do you have baby formula? My brother is hungry. If you SS Miss do you have bab have some, I'd like to buy some from you."

The woman looked up at Wynter, then waved her hand dismissively, showing no intention of speaking.

Wynter didn't get a good look at her features, but she noticed the child in her arms had already fallen into deep sleep.

This child had been drugged.

As Wynter frowned, a burly man suddenly bumped into her shoulder.Material © of NôvelDrama.Org.

"What are you looking at, young lady?"

Frowning, the woman said hoarsely,

"Did you see me talking to her? She's just a college student asking to borrow some baby formula. Why are you so loud?"

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