The Heiress’ Return: Six Brothers at Her Beck and Call

Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Karma

"Fine, fine. Whatever you say." The burly man, Kenneth Gilbert, then glared at Wynter. "We don't have any baby formula. Go borrow it somewhere else."

Wynter immediately turned and left, like she was scared.

But she had actually taken a photo to explain the situation to the railway police later because she had discovered something suspicious.

Not only was this carriage strange, but there were also many women with children on the train. All of them boarded late at night.

Additionally, Kenneth had tattoos on his arm. They were patterns that only outlaws would have.

The railway police alone might no be able to control the situation now.

In this carriage, at least ten people were from the same group.

The middle-aged man with glasses smoking at the carriage connection was the lookout, while the ones playing cards and drinking were just distractions. The noisier they were, the less likely the women with children would be noticed.

This s was o organized and premeditated. Wynter couldn't alert the enemy. She needed someone to keep watch here while she went to find the railway police.

Leo clearly couldn't handle it. Any resentment related to children would affect him.

Wynter instinctively wanted to call Wolf over, but before she could send the message, Dalton was already standing beside her. He said softly, "Those people just now seemed suspicious."

After saying this, he coughed lightly. "I saw them exchanging glances. The one at the door was recording.

She had to admit that Dalton was indeed clever.

"You keep watch here. I'll go find the railway police," Wynter said while placing Leo in Dalton's arms. "Hold him. It will reduce your intimidating presence."

Looking at the little guy in his arms, he smirked with a hint of mischief. "Okay," he replied softly.

Leo, who was trying to escape back to the copper coin, froze with the pacifier in his mouth.

This was more unbearable than having his soul scattered. He could barely hold onto the pacifier.

He stretched out his hand, hoping Wynter would look back at him. But Wynter had already left for her business.

At this moment, Dalton lowered his eyes to look at him. He spoke in a cold, indifferent voice, "Do you really want me to hold you?"

Leo's small body stiffened. He immediately resumed his spiritual form. He didn't dare hide at all. Trembling, he called out, "Master."

Chapter 730 Kamma


"She's your master now. Don't call me that." As Dalton talked, he had already made himself invisible.

He glanced toward the other carriage and said, "You're practically the king of children now. Such strong resentment can easily attract tribulation. You should know what to do."

Leo stood straight on his short legs. "I'll handle it now!"

Standing nearby, Cody watched in confusion as Leo landed on Kenneth's shoulder and blew a breath into his ear.All rights © NôvelDrama.Org.

Immediately, he shivered and turned to look at the child in the woman's arms. "Did he just speak?"

"How could that be? He's just a baby."


Kenneth shook his head. He looked weary. "Don't blame me I didn't wan choosing the wrong place to be born."

you. Blame yourself for

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Worried he might slip up, the woman pulled him aside.

Fortunately, most people were asleep and didn't pay attention to them.

But then, Kenneth's behavior became increasingly bizarre. He waved his hands and shouted that soldy om the hospital you, not me! I'm just the delivery guy. Don't come near me! Go away!"

His shouting woke most of the people in the carriage.

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