Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

Chapter 3180

Chapter 3180

Chapter 3180 Are You In Need Of That Two Million Dollars? Luke nodded and asked, "How much did they offer?"

"It's quite a sum. Helping with the kidnapping nets one million while escorting the person onto the plane fetches two million,” answered Gordan. He felt a bit regretful thinking about not being able to earn this money himself. "I'm missing out on two million dollars in income."

“Are you in need of that two million dollars?" Gale could not help but tease him when he saw the expression on Gordan’s face. "You're hurting because of women, not money."

"You're the one who's hurting because of women." Gordan rolled his eyes. He accidentally had an embarrassing moment yesterday, and today, Gale could not stop bringing it up.

It seemed he should be more cautious about choosing drinking companions next time. Drinking with a stranger was better than drinking with Gale, the unreliable friend.

Percy did not tease Gordan but instead asked about the reward offered by the Abaza family, "Is this price reasonable?" "It's in US dollars," Gordan added.

"They're indeed quite generous,” commented Luke. One could hire mercenaries for tens of thousands of dollars each in today's market. What kind of people could be hired with two million US dollars?

People like Gordan and Gale would definitely fit the bill, but they were not willing to take the job. In that case, they would be looking for someone who was on the same level as Gordan and Gale.

“Even though getting mercenaries into A City is quite a hassle, if one can foot the bill, they'll still find their way in no matter how tough it is to penetrate this place," said Luke. Money might not be everything, but with such a sum, many would assist the Abaza family.

"Boss, if they're offering so much money, we should be cautious. When it’s time to plan things out, we’ll need to bring in some extra hands," added Gale. They were not helping Matysh, and they were secretly assisting the police.

Even though the police would not be aware of their actions, when they committed to helping out in situations like this, they would definitely follow through till the end.

It was not easy to get Matysh into custody. How could they let him return to Russia so easily? This was something that absolutely could not happen!

"Got it." Luke handed the matter over to Gale, knowing he was capable of handling it.

As Gordan listened to Gale's words, he became interested. "Why not take me along?"

"What would you do?" Gale shot him a glance.

"| didn't take on the job, so I'm feeling a bit bored. I'm also curious to see the kind of person who can snag this job for two million dollars," replied Gordan. He did want to take a look. It would be even better if he could be on the opposing side.

With an opportunity presented by Luke, he wanted to give it a shot, get involved, and see what the other party was made of.

"Tsk, you've been drowning yourself in alcohol recently. Will you be able to stay out of trouble?" Gale shook his head, resolutely refusing to let Gordan participate, fearing he might ruin the plan.

"You don't get me. If there's a job, | won't drink the day before. Trust me, okay?" Gordan tried to convince Gale while portraying himself as strong and reliable.

Gale rolled his eyes and then turned to look at Luke to let him make the decision.

Whether Gordan was there or not made no difference to him. He had many people under him to use. Even though not all were elites, he only used the elites when executing such tasks.

“Let him join." Luke decided. If Gordan was willing to help for free, why not use him?

“Luke, how much are you planning to pay me?” Gordan's eyes lit up at once. He spotted the pavilion out of the corner of his eye and then quickly withdrew his gaze.

"You volunteered yourself. Why do you need to be paid?" questioned Luke. Gale burst into laughter. “Luke, you're truly something else.” Gordan was rendered speechless.

“For the Abaza family, Matysh's value far exceeds two million US dollars, but for me, Matysh isn't worth a cent. If you want money from me, you can have it. Teach Matysh a lesson he'll never forget during the mission and | can offer you a million dollars in the local currency," added Luke.This is the property of Nô-velDrama.Org.

In essence, he felt that Matysh's sentencing was not enough. Anyone who dared to covet his woman should be prepared to face consequences.

The moment Matysh thought of escaping back to Russia, the police tightened security around him, and there was nothing he could do.

However, if Gordan could teach Matysh another lesson, Luke would be willing to pay for it. Still, the difficulty of this mission was high.

Gordan's eyes lit up. A million dollars in the local currency was better than nothing. He wanted to clarify what Luke meant, so he turned to Percy and gestured toward him. "Like his brother?"

"Up to you, but it can't interfere with the trial," replied Luke. He received information that A City was taking Matysh’s case very seriously.

Hence, they planned to finish the trial within a day.

Although it had not been done this way before, they aimed to finish the trial in one day and then transfer Matysh to the most secure prison in A City, leaving no chance for escape.

"That's too difficult." Gordan frowned. Dealing with Matysh was one thing. He would have plenty of opportunities. However, to make him casually appear in court as though nothing happened, that was difficult.

Luke glanced toward the pavilion and saw Luca chatting with the others. He reminded Gordan, "Luca can help." "In that case, I'll come back tomorrow and consult with Bianca." Gordan understood what he meant.

It was about the methods from the Island of Terror. Luke had no objections.

The conversation continued. Meanwhile, in the living room, six children were gathered around the coffee table and playing a puzzle game.

Simon grinned at Rainie while looking at her. Taking advantage of her distraction, he raised his hand and tugged at her ponytail.

Rainie covered her head, glaring fiercely at the instigator, "Simany\ Holston!’ Simnonegtinned. Knowing he hd'done something wrong, he apologized," Sorry, | couldn't resist." The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

When he saw Rainie looking so adorable with her hair tied in a ponytail, he could not help but want to give it a little pull. He tugged very lightly, believing Rainie would not feel any pain.

"What's the point in apologizing?!’ Rainie glared at him. If he kept going like this, she would end up with a bald spot. Lanie and Tommy saw everything.

Lanie said, "Rainie, come over here. Switch places with Tommy.”

"Okay." Rainie walked over to Tommy's side while Tommy stood next to Simon.

Simon was taller than Tommy. He chuckled. "Shorty, ar: ySu trying to protectyyoun sistern’But you're too short. How can you protect her?" The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

Tommy waved his fists. "You might be older and taller than me, but being short's no biggie. Watch out, m punches pack a-punetidohit mess with Rainie, got it? Or else, I'll give you a smackin'" "Pfft, look at this little kid talking tough! If your father hears you later, you're gonna be in for it!” Simon did not take Tommy's threat seriously. The content is on NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest chapter there!

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